Stay Well / Stay Home Package

Returning to your home after a stay in the hospital can be challenging. Additional support is often needed to continue recovery and prevent a return to the hospital. Homecare can play an important role in your recovery process, helping you to stay healthy, happy and comfortable in your own home.

Working with you, your family and your healthcare providers, RedBud HomeCare will create a personalized plan of care and services for a simple, affordable, one-time fee. There are no long-term contracts or commitments. RedBud's Stay Well, Stay Home Package puts you in control.

The RedBud Stay Well / Stay Home Package Includes:

  • Home Preparation: Prior to being
  • Discharged we will coordinate with your family or friends to get your home ready for your arrival. This includes light cleaning, basic safety check, purchasing groceries and supplies from the drug store, getting furniture rearranged to promote mobility and getting a bed prepared.
  • RN Assessment: Our Registered Nurse will do a client assessment prior to being discharged so that we can recommend an appropriate Plan of Care to best support your recovery.
  • Discharge Conference: We will have a caregiver present when you are being discharged to receive instruction from the discharging facility about how best to implement your plan of care at home.
  • Calendar: We will help create a calendar for the client with all appointments, medication, homecare hours and home health visits scheduled.
  • Transportation: A mini van with one of our caregivers driving for transportation home or the caregiver can drive the client’s car.
  • 40 Hours of care: 40 hours of personalized care with a RedBud caregiver is included in this package. The time can be scheduled in any manner over any time period as long as it is scheduled in 4 hour increments.

For more information or to set up a free in-home assesment, please call us today!


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